Your smile is an important part of your overall health. Going to the dentist can be expensive and costly if we are not prepared. I offer several plans that can fit your budget and needs

  • PPO Dental plans. We offer plans that let you keep your dentist if you have one and allows the freedom to see the provider of your choice.
  • Dental HMO plans. These plans can offer immediate dental coverage from network dentists. They can also offer fixed co-pays and out of pocket expenses

Dental coverage can be affordable and an important part of our overall health care planning. Let me show you the different plans and if we can provide you with coverage that fits your needs from companies that you can trust.

We offer several plans from many carriers such as Blue Shield of California, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, Ameritas, Delta Dental of California just to name a few.


Ameritas Life Insuance Co

PPO plans that offer next day coverage for routine services and offers coverage for major work such as bridges and crowns. It is competitively priced and has a large nationwide network of dentists. 


  • Two dental exams and cleanings per year
  • Up to $2,000 calendar year Maximum Benefit
  • Ameritas ​dental ​network with ​more than ​471,000 access points nationwide

DELTA DENTAL of California


Delta Dental PPO tm*

Delta Dental PPO tm is a coinsurance plan  that gives enrollees the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, but  they’ll usually get the deepest discounts by visiting in-network  dentists. Outside of the low-cost PPO network, enrollees may also enjoy  moderate savings with the Delta Dental Premier network.

* In Texas, Delta Dental Insurance Company offers Dental Provider Organization (DPO) plans.


DeltaCare® USA

DeltaCare® USA is a copay plan in which  enrollees select a primary care dentist in the DeltaCare USA network,  similar to a dental HMO. The plan features set copayments, no annual  deductibles and no maximums for covered benefits. In some states*,  DeltaCare USA is offered as an open access plan where enrollees can  receive treatment from any licensed dentist; however, deductibles,  co-insurance and maximums may be applied for services provided by an  out-of-network dentist.

*Mississippi, Louisiana and Montana


Delta Dental of California